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PowerCap® Lifestyle Brands- Precision Dosing Technology

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PowerCap®- Lifestyle Brands


PowerCap®- Precision Dosing Technology

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PowerCap®- Precision Dosing Technology

 Precision dosing is what PowerCap Technology can do for beverages, health and wellness, or lab work. Liquid Health Labs, Inc. has specialized in precise dosing and infusion technology for nearly 15 years. 

PowerCap®- CANNABIS Precision Dosing Offerings


PowerCap®- CBD Zone

Variety Of Products Utilizing The Highest Quality CBD Available

Cannabis Infused Drinks

PowerCap®- CBD and THC Enhanced Drinks

Think of K-Cup® for coffee and tea. We offer a single-serve pod product with a similar distribution model for health and wellness, PowerCap® Nutrition Pods™.

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"Innovates Precise Dosing for Cannabis"

Precise dosing for suppliers helps limit degradation and increase stability, limit cost of ingredient overages, distributes beverages without the cost of shipping liquids, offers ingredients not stable in liquids expanding product opportunities, and helps meet label claims. When consumers have confidence in the dosage of ingredients on the label, your products and brand gain valuable consumer credibility. 

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"Beauty From Within"

We take great pride in the careful selection of our essential ingredients, so that we can assure the highest quality that we provide to help you maintain and maximize your health and beauty.



"Play Hard Recover Easy"

Last Shot® is a premium lifestyle hydration and recovery drink designed to counter the negative effects of toxins in the body.

Fresh Healthy Stuff®


"Health and Wellness made with All Natural Flavors, Colors, and Sweeteners"

Great Taste & freshest drink possible. Healthy ingredients that you are familiar with & know what they do. 100% natural flavors, colors, and sweeteners. Lots of Fresh Healthy Stuff® in the cap!

PowerCap Lifestyle Brands

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