Vitamin Integrity

The Difference

POTENCY: Nutrients degrade when exposed to heat, water, and light. PowerCap® protects the activity of Nutrelle’s® powerful ingredients — retaining their potency for you.

EFFECTIVENESS: Only the best, science based, most effective active ingredients have been chosen for Nutrelle®.

FRESHNESS: PowerCap® helps Nutrelle® showcase the freshest / crispest flavor, aroma, and color by keeping them protected from light & water — delivering an amazing sensory experience.

NATURAL: Nutrelle® uses only natural flavors, colors, and sweeteners…and no preservatives!

HEALTHY: In addition to the fantastic health benefits of Nutrelle’s® vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other active nutrients, Nutrelle® relies on the natural sweetness of the stevia plant rather than sugar — providing great taste while limiting calories.

PowerCap® Keeps It Fresh

POTENCY: The flavors keep fresh and crisp-The nutrients stay potent- Natural ingredients and flavors create an interactive fresh healthy beverage.

Nutrients lose their potency in water – which is why we keep ours separate inside the cap!

“We take great pride in the careful selection of our essential ingredients, so that we can assure the highest quality that we provide to help you maintain and maximize your health and beauty.”