Green Technology

PowerCap® Is A ‘Green’ Solution.

PowerCap® is a proprietary dosing cap technology offering a fresh and interactive beverage experience.

PowerCap® keeps active ingredients stable and fresh by releasing ingredients stored within the cap into any bottled beverage.

PowerCap® is made in the USA and is a far more ecofriendly alternative to standard beverage bottling.

Standard ‘Hot Fill’ method of making functional drinks utilizes much more energy than PowerCap®

2x more plastic than cold fill bottles
Bottles are heavier and use more plastic
2x the energy required to blow them into shape
Energy required to bring temperature up to 180 degrees and hold for ~30min
Energy required to cool bottles in cooling tunnel

PowerCap® is more efficient and better for the environment

Temperatures kept at ambient for PowerCap®
No need to cool bottles in PowerCap®
Heat destroys ingredients – requiring production overages
If 1mg of vitamin C is required in a bottle, then 450mg must be added – which is inefficient and wasteful of the resources needed to produce the ingredient
Because PowerCap protects its ingredients and avoids the hot fill process, ingredient overages are not necessary