Are you a beverage Bottler that wants to be an owner of innovative brands?

If yes, PowerCap® can has developed products in many categories including Beauty from Within, Energy, Health & Wellness, Anti-Hangover, Tea, Sports and Fitness, and more that YOUR COMPANY can become significant owners in instead of building a brand for someone else and having it taken away!

PowerCap® specialize in cutting edge dosing technology and is offering proprietary positions for Bottlers that want to aggressively build brands.

OPPORTUNITY: Liquid Health Labs, Inc./PowerCap® is a market leader in dosing technology. PowerCap® is successfully developing technologies, building its supply chain, generating revenue through branded partnership programs. The end goal for PowerCap® entering into these partnerships is to build our resources through pro-active, dependable, and long-term relationships with a clear path toward revenue and equity for both parties.