Fortitech and PowerCap Liquid Health Labs, Inc. Accelerate Market Entry for Beverage Companies

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Manchester, NH – PowerCap®, the market leader in dosing-cap technology, provides a fast market entry to bring formulation products to market for large and small beverage companies. The dosing technology allows consumers to add nutrient-rich formulations to on-the-go beverages. PowerCap’s “Three Caps Program,” features three major caps including PowerCap Push, PowerCap Twist, and PowerCap Universal. All three caps offer a unique and fresh interactive beverage experience that keeps ingredients freshly stored in the cap until consumption. PowerCap® gives consumers control over the flavor potency by adjusting the amount of water to taste; what and when to have a beverage; in addition to the carbs, calories, artificial flavors/colors, and preservatives.

PowerCap® is an eco-friendly alternative to standard fortified beverage bottling and uses less plastic than other functional drinks. The 100 percent recyclable PowerCap® requires less energy to produce, is lighter to transport, and has less ingredient waste. This ‘green’ technology not only reduces environmental impact, but also reduces the amount of product destroyed as beverages have a longer shelf life.

Derek Hopkins, president of Liquid Health Labs, Inc., manufacturer of PowerCap®, focused the development on delivering a lightweight and highly efficient product that would fit any standard size water bottle opening. He explains, “All of these points help to ensure a positive, user-friendly experience. Additionally, a PowerCap® is very shelf stable, thus virtually eliminating the chance for nutrient degradation.”

Fortitech, Inc, providing custom market-ready powered product solutions to manufactures, recently added PowerCap® in their offering to create an all in one, market ready powdered product solution. Their new R&D lab provides formulations that allow powder to easily flow out of the PowerCap® and quickly dissolve in water. Fortitech labs can provide agglomeration, roll compaction, bead milling and spray drying services. Rich Schleif, director of marketing for Fortitech, Inc, said, “We’re the only premix company doing everything,” including color, flavor, and nutrients.

Schleif explains the importance PowerCap® plays in their all-in-one market ready powdered solution, enabling clients to “get everything they need to create and launch innovative beverages, faster and easier.” In anticipation for the growth of on-the-go beverages, Fortitech and PowerCap® work together in offering a speedy entry to market for beverage companies.

PowerCap® is a registered trademark of Liquid Health Labs.

About Liquid Health Labs, Inc.: Liquid Health Labs, Inc. (LHL) is based in Manchester, NH and its proprietary technology is branded PowerCap® dosing cap delivery systems. PowerCap® has application within the beverage, consumer goods, Parma/OTC, and cosmetic industries.

PowerCap® keeps active ingredients stable and fresh. PowerCap® stores a nutritional drink mix within a chamber in the cap providing consumers with the power to release these stable ingredients into their beverage that is fresh, great tasting, and good for the beverage. More information is available at



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