PowerCap Launches ‘Three Cap Technology’

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Dosing caps offer unique green delivery system of drinks that are fresh, natural, and taste great

MANCHESTER, NH—PowerCap® Technologies, market leader in dosing-cap technology, introduces its new “Three Caps Program,” featuring the three major caps that will offer a unique fresh and interactive beverage experience.

The “Three Caps Program” includes PowerCap Push, PowerCap Twist, and PowerCap Universal. Sizes for the technologies vary from 26.7mm up to 43mm with custom options.

PowerCap® keeps ingredients stored fresh in the cap! PowerCap puts the user in control — control the flavor potency by adjusting the amount of water to taste; control what and when to have a beverage; control the carbs, calories, artificial flavors/colors, and preservatives

Using PowerCap dosing cap technology delivers a greener drinking option. PowerCap is a far more eco-friendly alternative to standard fortified beverage bottling, providing distinct advantages over traditional hot-fill preparations of functional drinks, and therefore, is a ‘greener’ technology, further reducing the environmental impact.

PowerCap® uses less plastic than other functional drinks; requires less energy to produce; is lighter to transport; and has less ingredient waste. PowerCap beverages have a longer shelf life — so, less product destroyed. PowerCaps are also 100 percent recyclable.

PowerCap® is a registered trademark of Liquid Health Labs.

About Liquid Health Labs, Inc.: Liquid Health Labs, Inc. (LHL) is based in Manchester, NH and its proprietary technology is branded PowerCap® dosing cap delivery systems. PowerCap® has application within the beverage, consumer goods, Pharma/OTC, and cosmetic industries.

PowerCap® keeps active ingredients stable and fresh. PowerCap® stores a nutritional drink mix within a chamber in the cap providing consumers with the power to release these stable ingredients into their beverage that is fresh, great tasting, and good for the beverage. More information is available at

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