PowerCap Launches Fresh Healthy Stuff—it’s in the Cap!

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100% natural drink helps boost energy, strengthens immune system

MANCHESTER, NH—PowerCap® Technologies, a market leader in dosing-cap technology, introduces Fresh Healthy Stuff™ delivering a great tasting health drink that is the freshest and most stable beverage possible!

Fresh Healthy Stuff stores healthy ingredients that remain fresh in the cap for a fun, interactive, and greener beverage option,

Fresh Healthy Stuff is 100 percent natural and contains 0 sugars, 0 carbs, 0 calories, and 0 preservatives. No more worrying about sunlight degrading all the vitamins in pre-blended drinks.

The vitamins safe, protected and fully potent in the PowerCap! Flavors available include:

Pomegranate Acai Energy—B vitamins, caffeine, guarana, green tea, ginseng and more for a great boost*
Orange Cranberry Immune Support—Vitamin C, zinc, Vitamin D, and magnesium to help your body’s immune system be as strong as it can be*
Lemon Lime Multivitamin/Multimineral—at least 20 percent of the recommended daily needs for 20 important vitamins and minerals

Using PowerCap dosing cap technology, Fresh Healthy Stuff delivers a greener drinking option. Choosing a PowerCap® boosted beverage instead of choosing a pre-blended drink helps to save the enviroment.

PowerCap® uses less plastic than other functional drinks; requires less energy to produce; is lighter to transport; and has less ingredient waste. PowerCap beverages have a longer shelf life — so, less product destroyed. The PowerCaps are also 100 percent recyclable.

Fresh Healthy Stuff™ is a registered trademark of Liquid Health Labs, Inc.

About Liquid Health Labs, Inc.: Liquid Health Labs, Inc. (LHL) is based in Manchester, NH and its proprietary technology is branded PowerCap® dosing cap delivery systems. PowerCap® has application within the beverage, consumer goods, Pharma/OTC, and cosmetic industries.

PowerCap® keeps active ingredients stable and fresh. PowerCap® stores a nutritional drink mix within a chamber in the cap providing consumers with the power to release these stable ingredients into their beverage that is fresh, great tasting, and good for the beverage. More information is available at

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