LHL to Make Pitch at Entrepreneur Forum 2/08

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Liquid Health Labs, Inc., and New England Footwear Manufacturing to Make Business Pitches at NH High Tech Council Entrepreneur Forum 2/08

Companies looking to grow innovative footwear and dosing cap technology businesses

MANCHESTER, NH – Two New Hampshire companies offering innovative, but vastly different services, Liquid Health Labs, Inc., and New England Footwear Manufacturing will be featured at the next NH High Technology Council Entrepreneur Forum on Wednesday, February 8, 2012. The companies present their products to a panel of experts and live audience to gain feedback and insight on marketability and finance strategies. The event will be held at the FIRST headquarters located at 200 Bedford Street, Manchester, NH from 5:20 pm to 8:30 pm.

Liquid Health Labs, Inc. is based in Deerfield, NH and its proprietary technology is the branded PowerCap® dosing cap delivery systems. New England Footwear Manufacturing is a contract footwear manufacturing startup company based in Durham NH that is advancing the design and production of athletic footwear.

The NH High Tech Council (NHHTC) produces a series of educational programs to support entrepreneurship and provide high-level resources to rapidly growing companies. At the Entrepreneur Forum, companies present their business challenges to a panel of industry experts, and receive board-level and executive advice on how best to address their challenges, all in front of a live audience.

The Forum includes a cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres and networking opportunities, as well as a “sky dive pitch” from one or two early stage companies or a non-profit or student-driven entity that focuses on a specific challenge or opportunity they are facing. The cost for the event is only $25 for NHHTC members, $30 for non-members, and only $10 for students. Individuals can register at

About Liquid Health Labs, Inc.: Liquid Health Labs, Inc. (LHL) is based in Deerfield, NH and its proprietary technology is branded PowerCap® dosing cap delivery systems. PowerCap® has application within the consumer goods, Pharma/OTC, and cosmetic industries.

PowerCap® keeps active ingredients stable and fresh. PowerCap® stores a nutritional drink mix within a chamber in the cap providing consumers with the power to release these stable ingredients into their beverage that is fresh, great tasting, and good for the beverage.

According to LHL President Derek Hopkins the fundamental advantages that PowerCap® has over traditional bottled beverages are that it experiences virtually no degradation of active ingredients, its manufacturing technology is less expensive, flexible and turn-key; producing it is far more environmentally sustainable; and it is produced entirely in the United States. PowerCap® products feature innovative packaging and offer consumers an interactive, fresh drinking experience.

LHL is working to distribute PowerCap® by partnering with beverage private labels, bottlers, and distributors. LHL also produces and distributes its own proprietary brands, Nutrelle™, Last Shot™, Vitahydrate™, and Fresh Healthy Stuff™

About New England Footwear Manufacturing: Led by two footwear industry veterans, Doug Clark (Timberland, Reebok, Converse) and Jim Sciabarrasi (New Balance), New England Footwear Manufacturing LLC (NEFM) was a winner of the 2011 Green Launching Pad competition. NEFM is a contract footwear manufacturing startup company based in Durham NH. NEFM is advancing the design and production of athletic footwear through several material and process innovations.

NEFM has developed a manufacturing process that substantially reduces the amount of labor used in conventional shoemaking, and replaces it with a combination of virtual 3D tools and mechanization. This innovative approach has the potential to change the footwear manufacturing paradigm forever. By eliminating dependence on abundant, low-skilled Asian labor, NEFM can return manufacturing closer to footwear brand managers and consumers in North America and Europe.

About the NHHTC Entrepreneur Forum: The NHHTC holds three Entrepreneur Forums per year where attendees discover how to present a plan to potential investors or gain valuable feedback on specific topics. These events are designed to attract attendees that include entrepreneurs who are developing a business idea or have an interest in the subject matter of the presenters, members of the financial and investment community, and students.

Each of the presenting companies is given 15 minutes to present its business plan and receive feedback from a panel of experts and the audience. Typically, panelists include at least one investor (angel, venture capitalist, corporate investor, or financial institution) appropriate for the stage of the company and the amount of capital sought. Other panelists are chosen for their familiarity with the industry, technology, market place or strategic issues being addressed.

The panel acts as venture advisors for an evening and provides feedback and potential solutions to challenges faced by entrepreneurial companies based on their own professional experiences and expertise. These business challenges are those encountered by most entrepreneurial companies – including financial, marketing and sales, technology, operations, management, growth, diversification, and more.

To learn more about the event, go to or call 603.935-8951. Attendance is limited given space constraints.



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