‘Getting to the top’ PowerCap featured in Beverage Industry Magazine

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PowerCap® ” President Derek Hopkins is featured in the January issue of Beverage Industry Magazine.

Following is an excerpt from the article:

Getting to the top

Caps and closures put the finishing touch on packages
By Stephanie Hildebrandt

Dosing systems

PowerCap capsIn addition to lightweight, cost-effective plastic closures, value-added dispensing closures will further add to growth in the caps and closures market, according to The Freedonia Group’s report.

Dosing systems focus on ease of use for consumers and sustainability via energy savings, suppliers say. PowerCap–Liquid Health Labs, Deerfield, N.H., offers three different styles of dosing caps under its PowerCap brand.

“PowerCap has distinct advantages over traditional hot-fill preparations of functional drinks: PowerCap has been shown in a major university study to protect sensitive ingredients; it is less energy intensive due to it supporting cold filling, and therefore, is a ‘greener’ technology; and [it] can be utilized on lighter weight plastic bottles, further reducing the environmental impact,” says Ken Milligan, chief science officer and executive vice president for the company. “Additionally, the newly introduced PowerCap Universal fits on any traditional bottled water neck finish. This allows the consumer to conveniently transform standard bottled water into a functional beverage, and get multiple uses out of their water bottle throughout the day while still getting great-tasting functional drinks and reducing the number of bottles entering the landfill.”

In addition to the PowerCap Universal, the company offers push and twist dosing caps, which are both equally popular, Milligan says. A company that employs a full-time engineering team solely devoted to the dosing cap category, PowerCap has the expertise and ability to continue innovating, create custom solutions for customers, and also facilitate success throughout the supply chain, he adds.

All production is U.S.-based, which offers a quick turn-around time for supply, says Derek Hopkins, president of PowerCap–Liquid Health Labs. Plus, the company has the capacity to write long-term supply contracts. “We have the ability to meet production needs for small and large companies this year,” he says.

In addition to licensing its PowerCap solutions to beverage-makers, PowerCap–Liquid Health Labs develops its own products. Last Shot, a hangover protection drink, Nutrelle, a beauty beverage, and Fresh Healthy Stuff…In the Cap!, a health and wellness drink, were made to fit onto mainstream water bottles. Last Shot and Fresh Healthy Stuff…In the Cap! both use the PowerCap Universal push cap, which snaps onto to 26.7-ml. to 28-ml. bottles. The twist PowerCap fits on 26.7-ml. and 28-ml. bottles, and the push PowerCap fits on 28-ml. bottles, Hopkins notes. Fresh Healthy Stuff…In the Cap! can be purchased online, in select New England locations and was recently launched regionally at Kroger grocery stores.

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